Hurricane Season June through November

Family Hurricane Preparation

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Welcome to the Lakewood Ranch Community Emergency Response Team

On Our Web Site

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Here is information to help you and your family plan and prepare for disasters that may affect our area. You will find information about hurricane threats, evacuation routes, County flood zones, home disaster supply kit items, checklists and links to other helpful information.
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This section of our web site contains information of special interest for CERT members. It contains neighborhood maps, first aid and rescue skill reviews, policy and procedure guidelines, radio channel assignments, and notices of upcoming events for members.
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Upcoming CERT Courses

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  • How threats from hurricanes, tornadoes, chemical and biological hazards and terrorism might impact our area, and how Lakewood Ranch CERT and government agencies are prepared to respond.
  • How to prepare yourself and your family for disasters. If you evacuate, when to leave, where to go, what to bring with you. If you stay, how to shelter-in-place, what supplies to have on hand.
  • Emergency first aid to keep the airway open, control bleeding, splint fractures, care for burns, recognize and treat physiologic shock.
  • How to properly search a structure and rescue and safely move trapped victims.
  • Fire safety in the home: How to use a fire extinguisher to put out small fires, how to shut off the household gas supply if there is a natural gas leak.
  • How CERT teams are organized to respond to disasters impacting their neighborhoods.

EMAIL to register or for more information.
Space is limited!

Our Mission

  • Educate our residents about the risks associated with natural and man-made disasters, and how to be prepared.
  • Provide residents with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves and their families safe, just in case.
  • Should a major disaster occur, ensure there are CERT-trained residents who can help their neighbors until emergency personnel can respond.

There are currently over 250 active and reserve CERT volunteers, organized into 28 neighborhood teams within the Lakewood Ranch community.

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June 2016 CERT course participants and instructors from East Manatee Fire Rescue.

Lakewood Ranch CERT, established in 2006 under a special Department of Homeland Security and FEMA program, is a volunteer organization of residents who receive special training to provide search and rescue, first aid and radio communications support in response to disasters and emergencies when professional responders may not be able to reach everyone as soon as help is needed. We are part of the Manatee County, Florida disaster response system and are located in and serve the residents of Lakewood Ranch, Florida, midway between Bradenton and Sarasota on Southwest Florida's Gulf Coast.

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